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Light Blue Wedding Favour Resin Jelly Baby Keyring.jpg

Resin Jelly Baby Keyring

5cm Resin Jelly Baby Keyring with wedding band in belly. 

Wedding Favour Heart Resin Jelly Baby Keyring.jpg

Wooden Hanging Heart

8cm Wooden Hanging Heart with x2  3cm Jelly Baby with Mr & Mrs (or Mrs & Mrs or Mr & Mr) in belly.

Choose from solid colours: Baby pink, Baby blue, Lemon, Purple, Mint green.


Translucent colours: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Green, Clear. 


Also available to order:


Orders of 10-20 £4.49 each

Orders of 20-50 £3.99 each

Orders of 50+ £3.00 each

If you are interested in placing an order or have any questions then please fill in the contact form below.



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