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History Of The Jelly Baby & Why We Do What We do

A little bit of history for you all! Did you know that when jelly babies first came out in 1864 they were called 'Unclaimed Babies' or 'Victory Babies'. Tim Richardson, author of Sweets: A History Of Temptation, said although the name might sound ghastly to modern ears, sweet-eaters in the Victorian era would barely have batted an eyelid. "Unclaimed babies were a part of life back then - people would leave them on church steps and it's possible that people even found the name amusing," he said. "The sweets were sold loose and the jars they were in wouldn't have been labelled [or] branded, so people would have said, 'Can I have some of those jellied babies?'.

"It is an example of one the most down-to-earth, mass-produced sweets which came along in the 19th Century."

Unclaimed/Victory Babies 1864

The Unclaimed Babies name was relatively short-lived and petered out when Bassett's of Sheffield began producing the novelty-shaped candy in 1918 and renamed 'Peace Babies' to mark the end of World War 1 then in 1953 they were relaunched as 'Jelly Babies'.

Our ever Happy Resin Jellies don't fail to bring a smile. 🙂 We have had so many lovely stories from customers on what they mean to them. Here are just a few examples:

  • One customer purchased a Jelly Baby keyring to remind a lady of when she was eating Jelly Babies as she ran the London Marathon to keep her strength up! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  • A lady who is diabetic and keeps a bag of Jelly Babies on her at all times.

  • A lady who lost her granddad and the red Jelly baby reminds her of him as he always kept the red ones for her when she was little.

  • The man who calls his daughter his little jelly baby who purchased a picture for her room to let her know he misses her when shes at her mums.

  • The rainbow mini frames that have been sent out to let loved ones know they are missed. 🌈🌈

  • The Special edition NHS inspired Jellies that a lady sent to her sister who works on a Covid Ward as a little thank you and to let her know she misses her. 😷💙 ( half of these proceeds are being donated to our AMAZING NHS charities)💙

  • A psychologist who uses the jelly baby picture in her treatment room called 'The Journey' as a analogy of mood depending on the colour of Jelly. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

We love and appreciate every bit of feedback and the meanings behind the purchases. This is not just about making a little bit of money for us, we really really love what we do and from the smallest keyrings/necklaces to our huge A2 commissions, all are just as important. Keep smiling and keep safe.

Kirsty & Laura xx

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